Inspired by authenticity, L’Vere derives it’s name from the root word Ver’dict, meaning true or truthful. Saira Ali, the woman behind the brand, fearlessly believes that every woman longs for beauty and desires to be loved for her true worth. Truth and beauty — that is L’Vere. Shimmers and Shines, Glitz and Glamor, Mattes and More — L’Vere is a full makeup line designed to address the needs of multiple generations, so that mothers and daughters can share their love of beauty together. We offer makeup application services for day looks, evening and special event looks, including bridal and photo shoots. In addition, we offer professional makeup lessons for individuals new to the artistry of cosmetics.


Day Makeup Application – $50 allow 30 minutes

Evening Makeup Application
$120 allow 60 minutes

Brides & Bride’s Maids Makeup Application
$120 allow 60 minutes

Photo Ready Makeup Application
$120 allow 60 minutes

Eyes Only Application – $40 allow 30 minutes

Eyes Only Application with Brow Shape
$75 allow 45 minutes

False Eyelash Application – $25-allow 15 minutes

For Your Eyes Only Makeup Lesson
$70 allow 30 minutes

Traditional Makeup Lesson – $210- allow 60 minutes

Seasonal Makeup Lesson – $180 allow 60 minutes

Tweezing Brows(heavy or light) – $33 allow 30 minutes